Southern Growth Studio Founder Contributes to Innovation Book Authored by Nine Global Thought Leaders

Michael Graber writes about Human-to-Human Elements of Business

“In the days before social media, did we foresee cyber bullying and fake news? In the days before internet gaming, did we foresee internet gaming addictions?”

In his introduction to the collaborative new book about business innovation, editor and contributor Anthony Mills asks these thought-provoking and timely questions of today’s business leaders.

Long-time Memphis and innovation thought leader Michael Graber has contributed to this new book, The Other Side of Growth, a new collaboration between nine innovation thought leaders from around the world. Graber’s chapter is the culmination of years of field notes from working in the trenches advising more than 100 top companies and nonprofits, including Cardinal Health, Mars PetCare, Jack Nicklaus, Hunter Fan, and others.

The Other Side of Growth addresses the need for business leaders to stop and think inclusively about the broader consequences of the new innovations they are pursuing – to consider the impacts those new innovations can and will have on a broader array of stakeholders around the world. In doing so, it compels these leaders to ask numerous questions – of themselves, of their businesses, and of their business’ work… questions like, “Are we benefiting a few at the great expense of the many?” and, “Are there ways in which our new innovations can be used beyond their intended uses to do more harm than good?”

In his chapter, Michael discusses the Human-to-Human elements of business: this is the emerging paradigm for the Innovation Age. Only what best serves our species, our planet, and how we treat one another will count. Smart firms have always know this fact, and this is why they outperform profit-only based companies 17-to-one on average. 

To learn more or buy the book, you can access it in multiple formats here.

About Southern Growth Studio

Southern Growth Studio, now located in the Broad Avenue area in midtown Memphis, is a quickly growing anchor in the business innovation scene of the Mid South and beyond. The company splits its time between running innovation workshops with established firms and advising others with strategy insights gleaned from Graber’s holistic approach. 

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