As part of our mission, StoryBoard brings contributors together to tell their Memphis stories. True to a physical storyboard, stories are told through artwork, photographs, written or spoken word, and from a diverse group of contributors.

Submitting Stories, Poems, Artwork, and Photography

Using the form below, please tell us how you’d like to contribute to StoryBoard: your historical non-fiction story or idea, your Memphis and Mid-South short fiction, a podcast subject, or your original artwork or photography.

StoryBoard Memphis pays freelance storytellers for accepted content, at market-standard rates according to storyteller experience and story length.

$25 for poems

$50-100 short essays

$100+ for other articles, stories or pitched content. Please include pay inquiries in your “Relevance” comments in the form below.

Also, contributors should expect that content submitted is subject to possible editing for grammar and clarity and condensing for space. Submitted content does not have to be exclusive to StoryBoard unless written specifically for StoryBoard; however, it will be assumed that submitted content is the sole property of the artist and not copyrighted elsewhere.

Submitting Op-Eds, Letters to the Editor, and Press Releases

Submit op-eds, letters to the editor, and press releases on the form below.

Want help telling your story?

Also use this form if you’d like StoryBoard to help you tell a historical, non-fiction story.