Readers and Community Stakeholders share their thoughts on the importance of StoryBoard Memphis to their organizations, lives and communities.

The inaugural issue is really well put together and informative. It was a real pleasure to read, and it made me reflect of the fact that I have gotten really used to skimming news. The content of StoryBoard is the type you really want to take your time with and enjoy. It’s almost counter-cultural, or it reminds me of what it used to feel like to read a Sunday newspaper with a slower, perusing pace. I had almost forgotten that experience was possible. And the Coliseum vignette was great. Thank you for that, and for all your hard work to create something of value for Memphis readers.


A very interesting and unique publication. I have never really seen anything like it before going all the way back to my magazine editor days. I think you have carved a very interesting niche with this publication. The content is quite unusual in a very good way. It is a very deep read. And it feels good in the hand and is obviously printed in a high quality manner. When I see what I consider to be a quality publication, it warms my heart. Yours is one. Best of luck to you. I look forward to future issues. It is so unique.


StoryBoard Memphis offers the long-term needs of the audience and looks out for the best interest of its readers. A simple, seamless and a reader-friendly magazine covering variety of topics for all ages. It has high quality contributors and news sources guaranteeing quality news articles. The articles are highly engaging and entertaining and a great knowledge resource for diverse communities. It is certain that in today’s technology-driven age, to engage a global audience it is important to have quality digital content; Storyboard Memphis offers a perfect readership platform as well for all the online publications in their website. 

Being a truly Memphis magazine with rich local news content, they have looked to reach more of its readers through the digital sphere – anywhere and anytime. The art, literature, history, fashion and photography provide an incredible opportunity to know more about Memphis and the Mid-South – it complements the beautiful and captivating imagery in their magazine.

It’s attention to detail in each issue presents a very stable confidence in their magazine. It is surely an enriching experience for the readers across the country and worldwide. 

~ARIJIT BASU. Mr. Basu is a Sr. Clinical Data Analyst working with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He is from Kolkata, India and has been living in the United States for over 12 years. He is also an NRI (non-resident Indian) Associate with the leading international newspaper TOI (Times of India) and a regular contributor for their e-newspaper in the NRI section.