Exploring the Possibilities, with long-form, multimedia storytelling

What is multimedia long-form storytelling?

Long-form storytelling is a type of immersive, narrative journalism that follows a subject for long periods of time. Like a documentary film, stories in this style capture stories that require lengthy narratives, inviting the audience into the world of a subject in an immersive style that promotes a deeper level of understanding and audience engagement.

And as part of StoryBoard’s mission to be the region’s multimedia platform for these long-form, immersive stories in local arts, culture and community, we have been cultivating local partnerships to cover their long-term projects. These exclusive collaborations take us and our audience behind the scenes, following individuals, organizations and trends that connect our history, and our efforts today, to our future. Here we can explore the histories and possibilities that continue to make Memphis one of the world’s centers of cultural influence and innovation, furthering our efforts in championing the city’s authentic assets and continuing to build connections between communities an culture, past to present.  

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Feature Projects:

The A. Schwab Archive and History Project

Storyboard Memphis’s multi-year effort at a complete history of A. Schwab, Memphis’s longest operating and most famous store. Including both original content and in anthology form, in print and online, with new interviews, stories, anecdotes, collections, and with exclusive access to its untapped archives, this project will put the store’s story into context as not just one of the oldest institutions in Memphis, but also an establishment that served as a critical anchor in the preservation of Beale Street.

From this multimedia project, as we make new discoveries we will be producing online and in-print articles for the magazine and recording a new podcast series, “The A. Schwab Basement Tapes”; scanning archival documents for the Memphis Room of the Memphis Public Library; producing documentary footage for StoryBoard Memphis on streaming TV; and eventually, a history book and a handsome coffee table book on the A. Schwab story.

Click here for details on this historic project.

492 Vance: The Griggs Legacy Project

Once upon a time, Memphian Stephanie Wade had a dream of restoring the mysterious building on the bluff at 492 Vance Avenue. In 2020, she embarked on a journey to uncover its mysteries and, with faith and hope, to acquire the property.

Join StoryBoard Memphis for our exclusive behind the scenes documentation of one Memphian’s epic dream to save and pursue Historic Landmark status for the long-vacant circa 1916 building, 492 Vance Avenue – the former Black-owned Grigg’s Business and Practical Arts College – restore the building to its former glory and transform it into a mixed-used anchor in a key area of South Memphis.

StoryBoard Memphis has been working directly with the development team since their first walk-though of the vacant structure in September of 2020, following and documenting the project. What is developing is an insider’s account of a compelling story documenting the dreams and struggles to take ownership of and attempt to restore this important, yet largely unknown place in Memphis past and future.