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The mission of the publication is to champion and support Memphis’ authentic assets in the arts, culture, and creative communities. The quarterly magazine provides in-depth, feature-style coverage on community and neighborhood issues, Memphis history, arts, and local culture.

Art and storytelling engage the public awareness, can change the public conscience, and is important to cultural vitality and vibrancy of our cities. And at a time when it is more important than ever, Memphis, like so many cities and regions across the country, faces deficits in in-depth coverage of the local arts, culture, and creative communities due to the continuing downsizing of local newsrooms. The arts are a fundamental component of a healthy, thriving community, both for the local economy and the life of the city, and we count on arts coverage, writing and storytelling to connect art to audience in support this virtual part of our community. StoryBoard Memphis aims to make these connections and address these gaps in part through its quarterly print publication.

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