Consider the Mid-South Coliseum as another Covid vaccination site

Marvin Stockwell’s op-ed for The Daily Memphian advocates for the historic venue to be used a drive-thru vaccination site

“Vaccinations are not keeping pace with infections, and more contagious, deadlier strains of the virus are on the rise,” says Marvin Stockwell in The Daily Memphian. “As we look to marshal our resources at the largest scale, especially during the cold, rainy months ahead, the Coliseum would provide a great indoor option and allow for completely drive-thru vaccinations, which would limit the walk-in risk of viral spread.”

Read Stockwell’s full opinion here on The Daily Memphian.

Stockwell enlisted the help of his Coliseum Coalition colleague Roy Barnes to develop a diagram (below) that would facilitate the traffic flow in and out of the Coliseum arena floor.

In his op-ed, Marvin says that “It would require some prep work, but our ServiceMaster Restore partners recently toured the building and told us that the environmental work required to clear the building for occupancy could be done in less than two weeks for about $250,000, which is not a lot of money when you consider what’s at stake.”

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