Planning & Development: Land Use case for July 13, 2023

Among the 16 cases filed this month, 2 applications are directly related as owners Alhrout Osama and Jaber Said make a rezoning request to return a Glenview corner to commercial use and to re-open a neighborhood market and convenience store.

According to the application’s letter of intent: “The subject property (1560 South Parkway East) is currently zoned RU-1 and is located in a Residential Corridor. The owner of the site previously operated a neighborhood convenience store in this location. He had leased it to another entity for operation while he was out of the country and during that time the business was closed. The closure has been for a long enough period that the property lost its existing non-conforming use status. At this time, the owner would like to re-open the business as a neighborhood convenience store/market (no gasoline sales are proposed at the site).”

The remaining cases, from the Division of Planning and Development:

The 16 cases listed below have been filed with the Division of Planning and Development for consideration by the Memphis and Shelby County Land Use Control Board during its regular meeting on Thursday, July 13, 2023, at 9 AM in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 125 N. Main Street.

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) meeting is scheduled for 9 AM, Thursday, June 22 in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Conference Room on the first floor of City Hall. The cases indicated below with an asterisk (“*”) will be discussed at the TRC meeting, and the cases listed as minor subdivisions are subject to administrative approval at the meeting. Please provide any comments for these cases to the staff planner listed below by 8 AM, Wednesday, June 21.

For all other cases, please provide any comments you may have to the staff planner by 8 AM, Wednesday, July 5. (Note: Going forward, the date for agency and public comments will be the Wednesday before the date of the meeting.)

The staff planners’ email addresses are listed below; full applications for these cases may be accessed from this website:

This meeting will also be streamed live on this YouTube link


  1. MJR 23-25: BARTLETT ADJACENT (correspondence to SUP 20-014): major modification to allow a change in ownership for auto dealer at 2369 Covington Pike. Staff Planner:
  2. MJR 23-27: UPTOWN (correspondence to SAC 13-615): time extension for a street closure of Carroll Ave between Danny Thomas Blvd. and High St. Staff Planner:
  3. MJR 23-28: EADS: (correspondence to PD 22-12 CO): major modification to allow a second point of access to the existing from Highway 64 in the India Cultural Center and Temple PD at 12005 US Highway 64. Staff Planner:
  4. MJR 23-30: LAKELAND ADJACENT (correspondence to PD 18-41): major modification to allow vehicle, RV, boat, and camper parking/storage in Area A of the 64-Cobb Commercial PD at the southwest corner of.US Highway 64 and Cobb Rd. Staff Planner:
  5. MJR 23-31: ROSELEIGH: (correspondence to PD 00-317): major modification to allow physical therapy and related exercise and wellness services on Parcel D of the Fieldstone PD at the intersection of Players Club Parkway West and Players Forest Dr. Staff Planner:
  6. * PD 23-011: EAST MEMPHIS: amendment to an existing planned development to allow personal care and tattooing at 299 Germantown Bend Cove. Staff Planner: *
  7. * PD 23-012: LUNDEE ADJACENT: planned development to allow 6 single family homes on two existing parcels located at 2882 Southern Ave. Staff Planner: *
  8. RC 23-01: GLENVIEW: residential corridor revocation to allow a neighborhood market at 1560 S Parkway. Staff Planner:
  9. * S 23-26: NONCONNAH: 3 lot major industrial subdivision at 513 E Brooks Rd. Staff Planner: *
  10. * S 23-27: COLONIAL ACRES: 10 lot major subdivision at 1106 Colonial Rd. Staff Planner: *
  11. * S 23-28 CO: BARTLETT ADJACENT: 2 lot major residential resubdivision at 3975 Billy Maher Rd. Staff Planner: *
  12. * S 23-29 CO: LAKELAND ADJACENT: 1 lot minor residential subdivision at 10115 Millington Arlington Rd. Staff Planner: *
  13. SE 23-02: MIDTOWN: special exception to the frontage requirements of the Midtown Overlay District. Staff Planner:
  14. SUP 23-013: ALTA VISTA: special use permit to allow a Group Day Care home for children at a property located at 2350 Clearpark Drive in the Residential Single-Family – 10 (R-10) zoning district. Staff Planner:
  15. SUP 23-014: GLENVIEW: special use permit to allow a convenience store without gas sales in the Residential Urban – 3 (RU-3) zoning district at 1560 S Parkway. Staff Planner:
  16. Z 23-09: COLONIAL ACRES: rezoning of +/- 1.93 acres from Residential Single-Family – 10 (R-10) to Residential Single-Family – 8 (R-8) at 1106 Colonial Rd. Staff Planner:

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