Planning & Development: Land Use Control Board applications for August 10, 2023

Land Use applications this month include proposals for a cremation facility along Yates Road in the Memorial Park Funeral Home & Cemetery, a Valvoline along Summer Avenue, a daycare center in Westwood, an RV and boat storage facility in Raleigh, and dozens of single-family home developments in Cordova.

Comments for these cases are due to the staff planner by 8 AM, Wednesday, July 26.

From the Division of Planning and Development:

The 13 cases listed below have been filed with the Division of Planning and Development for consideration by the Memphis and Shelby County Land Use Control Board during its regular meeting on Thursday, August 10, 2023, at 9 AM in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 125 N. Main Street.

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) meeting is scheduled for 9 AM, Thursday, July 27 in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Conference Room on the first floor of City Hall. The cases indicated below with an asterisk (“*”) will be discussed at the TRC meeting, and the cases listed as minor subdivisions are subject to administrative approval at the meeting. Please provide any comments for these cases to the staff planner listed below by 8 AM, Wednesday, July 26.

  1. MJR 23-32: WHITE STATION (correspondence to PD 95-300): major modification to construct an approximately 30′ x 30′ cremation retort facility at 5668 Poplar Ave. Staff
  2. MJR 23-33 CO: EADS (correspondence to PD 09-317): major modification to conceptual layout to part of area A of Rockgate Center PD at southeast corner of U.S. Highway 64 and North Reid Hooker Rd . Staff
  3. MJR 23-34: BERCLAIR: (correspondence to PD 87-396): major modification to approve a site plan per outline plan conditions for a Valvoline in the parking lot at 4500 Summer Ave. Staff
  4. *PD 23-013: CORDOVA: planned development to allow a 16-lot single-family residential development at the southeast corner of Cordova Rd and Dexter Ln. Staff Planner: *
  5. *PD 23-014: CORDOVA: planned development to allow a 128-lot single-family residential development located on 50.25 acres southeast of Rocky Point Rd and Sanga Rd. Staff Planner: *
  6. *PD 23-015 CO: CORDOVA ADJACENT: planned development to allow a 38-lot single-family residential development located on 5.48 acres southeast of Dexter Rd and Raleigh Lagrange Rd. Staff Planner: *
  7. *PD 23-016: FRAYSER: planned development to allow a self-storage facility at 1674 Delano Ave. Staff Planner:*
  8. *S 23-030 CO: ATOKA ADJACENT: 2 lot minor residential subdivision located on Tracy Rd and approximately 1,700 feet east of Rosemark Rd. Staff Planner: *
  9. SUP 23-015: HIGHLAND HEIGHTS: special use permit to allow used tire sales (vehicle repair) in the Commercial Mixed Use – 1 (CMU-1) zoning district at 611 N Holmes St. Staff
  10. SUP 23-016: BERCLAIR: special use permit to allow commercial parking in the Commercial Mixed Use – 2 (CMU-2) zoning district located on Covington Pike and approximately 320 feet north of Ernestine Cove. Staff
  11. SUP 23-017: WESTWOOD: special use permit to allow a group daycare for 12 children in the Residential Single-Family – 8 (R-8) zoning district at 4757 S 3rd St. Staff
  12. Z 23-010 CO: RALEIGH ADJACENT: rezoning of +/-17.85 acres from Commercial Mixed Use – 1 (CMU-1), Commercial Mixed Use – 2 (CMU-2) and Residential Urban – 2 (RU-2) to Commercial Mixed Use – 3 (CMU-3) at 5298 Egypt-Central Rd. Staff
  13. Z 23-011: FRAYSER: rezoning of +/-1.69 acres from Residential Urban – 3 (RU-3) to Employment (EMP) located on Cornell St and approximately 750 feet west of Felts Station Rd. Staff

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