Hotel, Mixed-Use for 100 N. Main among Land Use Applications for November

Among 15 cases for November, 100 North Main, LLC has submitted an application (SUP 2023-023: DOWNTOWN) to convert Memphis’s tallest office building to mixed-use, including a 160-room hotel, apartments, retail, and office use.

“On behalf of the applicant,” wrote MJF Consulting, “we are pleased to submit this application requesting consideration to allow a 160 key hotel as a part of the adaptive reuse of the vacant 100 North Main Building in the CBD Land Use District. The reuse of this historic office building into a mixed-use vertical community with a hotel, apartments, offices, and retail uses will transform the area while preserving the character of the neighborhood.”

From the Division of Planning & Development: Land Use Control Board Cases for November 9

The 15 cases listed below have been filed with the Division of Planning and Development for consideration by the Memphis and Shelby County Land Use Control Board during its regular meeting on Thursday, November 9, 2023, at 9 AM in the First Floor City Council Chambers, 125 N. Main Street.

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) meeting is scheduled for 9 AM, Thursday, October 26 in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Conference Room on the first floor of City Hall. The cases indicated below with an asterisk (“*”) will be discussed at the TRC meeting, and the cases listed as minor subdivisions are subject to administrative approval at the meeting. Please provide any comments for these cases to the staff planner listed below by 8 AM, Wednesday, October 25.

For all other cases, please provide any comments you may have to the staff planner by 8 AM, Wednesday, November 1.

The staff planners’ email addresses are listed below; full applications for these cases may be accessed from this website:

This meeting will also be streamed live on this YouTube link 


  1. MJR 2023-037: ORANGE MOUND ADJACENT (correspondence to PD 06-313): major modification to allow Self Service Mini-storage in Area B of the Lamar Crossing PD located at 2899 Lamar Ave. Staff Planner:
  2. MJR 2023-038: GRAHAMWOOD: (correspondence to Z 91-106): major modification to allow a Drive-thru restaurant in the Summer Avenue C-P located at 3828 Summer Ave. Staff Planner:
  3. MJR 2023-039: BINGHAMPTON: (correspondence to SAC 20-21): major modification for a time extension for a street closure of Autumn Avenue, east of Lipford Street at 2957 Broad Ave. Staff Planner:
  4. *MJR 2023-040: EAST MEMPHIS: (correspondence to PD 21-19): major modification for approval of a revised site plan to allow 26 single-family attached lots and adjust setbacks in the East End Village PD located at 5476 Park Ave. Staff Planner: *
  5. MJR 2023-041: WOLFCHASE ADJACENT: (correspondence to PD 14-303): major modification to create a new Area B-1 and allow Restaurant use in the Appling Farms Business Park PD located at the southwest corner of Appling Rd and Pate Rd. Staff Planner:
  6. PD 2023-024: BINGHAMPTON: planned development to allow any use permitted in the CMU-1 zoning district in addition to Drive-thru restaurants east of Lipford Street at 2957 Broad Ave. Staff Planner: *
  7. PD 2023-025: VOLLINTINE EVERGREEN ADJACENT: planned development to allow a biomass campus for the processing of wood from salvaged trees at 1230 N Watkins St. Staff Planner: *
  8. PD 2023-026: ARLINGTON: planned development to allow a retail center at southeast corner of U.S. Highway 64 and Morning Sun Rd. Staff Planner: *
  9. S 2023-038: UPTOWN ADJACENT: 2 lot major residential resubdivision of Lot 2 in Amos Woodruff Subdivision at 696 TM Henderson Ave. Staff Planner: *
  10. S 2023-039: CORDOVA: 1 lot minor residential subdivision on Latting Road approximately 375 feet west of Latting Lane. Staff Planner: * 
  11. SAC 2023-007: NUTBUSH: close and vacate alley between 3775 Longfellow Road and 3760 Whittier Road. Staff Planner:
  12. SUP 2023-023: DOWNTOWN: special use permit to allow a hotel in the South Central Business Improvement District at 100 North Main St. Staff Planner:
  13. SUP 2023-024: WINDYKE: special use permit to allow a golf course, country club and club house in the Conservation Agriculture (CA) District located at 8535 Winchester Rd. Staff Planner:
  14. SUP 2023-025: LONGVIEW HEIGHTS ADJACENT: special use permit to allow a convenience store with gas sales in the Wellhead Overlay and Employment (EMP) District at 1080 Norris Rd. Staff Planner:
  15. Z 2023-013: OAKVILLE: rezoning of +/-0.538 acres from Residential Single Family – 6 (R-6) to Employment (EMP) District at 3549, 3555 and 3561 Fuller Rd. Staff Planner:

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