Talking Death, Life, and Angels with author Susan Cushman

The author will be on hand to discuss her new book and introduce some of the contributors next Tuesday, June 20, at Novel Memphis

When our friend and author Susan Cushman reached out to me about her latest anthology – All Night, All Day, life, death & angels – I was immediately struck by how closely and deeply it resonated with me.

None of us are immune to that final bookend of life, whether it be the death of a friend or a family member, these moments have the power to leave deep wounds, to reshape our perspectives, or regardless of your religious beliefs, to allow us an opening into a spiritual realm that forever alters the next chapters in our own lives.

Like so many of us, I too have experienced the deaths of well, too many loved ones in very recent years. In the hours and days of their passings, I’ve had undeniable spectral visits and dreaded late-night phone calls, but have also been blessed with the divine peace that comes from being there for the final eternal beats, surrounded by family.

For this episode of StoryBoard 30, I sat down with Susan Cushman and we freely shared these personal experiences while flipping through the pages of her new book. I hope you give this a listen, below.

Susan will be at Novel Memphis this coming Tuesday evening, June 20, at 6PM, to meet readers, introduce some of the contributors to the anthology, and no doubt facilitate these shared experiences, just as we did for the StoryBoard 30 microphones this past week.  

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