This Sunday: Evergreen & Washington Bottoms Garden Tour

Part of the continuing Experience Memphis Gardens event that runs thru July 2nd

As part of the Experience Memphis Gardens event, which “immerses gardeners, farmers, and lovers of green in a feast of botanical brilliance,” the Evergreen neighborhood and Washington Bottoms will be hosting their tours this Sunday, June 4 from 10am to 3pm.

About Explore Washington Bottoms

Explore Washington Bottoms (WB) and enjoy the natural landscape filled with native trees and wildflowers. Follow the community garden trails through the Pollinator Prairie Look for butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects. You can hear and see birds.

While there be sure to visit the Works Urban Farm (WUF) which grows vegetables using the latest knowledge and technology. Vegetables from WUF are sold in The Works Inc. Mobile Grocery which takes the fresh vegetables to neighborhoods that are food deserts. WUF provides a demonstration of successful vegetable farming using vacant lots in the city.

Washington Bottoms is a beautiful and interesting demonstration of sustainable practices for improving and maintaining vacant properties across the city. The Pollinator Prairie is a preserve of native grasses and wildflowers. It is a great place to see butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects. It is an illustration of reclaiming vacant land by identifying and building on existing natural assets.

Imagine the neighborhood surrounding Washington Bottoms (WB) with the apartments and other buildings renovated and occupied. Think about how Washington Bottoms can be a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization. This transformation has already begun with renovation of apartment buildings and other properties. 

Washington Bottom goals:

• Remove blighted physical conditions to allow the neighborhood to recover and begin to grow again.
• Develop an urban farm that demonstrates the latest knowledge and technology.
• Demonstrate a sustainable landscape by preserving existing native plants and adding new ones.
• Remove barriers which separate surrounding residents from the restorative effects of nature.
• Demonstrate locally grown food made available to “food desert” neighborhoods through the TWI Mobile Grocery.

About Experience Memphis Gardens

MAY 20 – JULY 2, 2023

Experience Memphis Gardens! immerses gardeners, farmers, and lovers of green in a feast of botanical brilliance.

It celebrates 207+ imaginative, private gardens as well as public spaces. Tour an aquaponics farm, a cut flower farm, a hemp farm, and edible farms all across the Greater Memphis area. You’ll discover serene gems, quirky personal gardens, upcoming garden trends, and sustainable ideas.

The gardens will be open Thursdays – Sundays. Sample different gardens, in different neighborhoods on different weeks. Discover magical gardens and garden businesses throughout greater Memphis!

Get your Experience Memphis Gardens passport to experience hundreds of gardens during this inaugural six-week Garden Extravaganza.  That includes our signature event, the Cooper-Young Garden Walk, which has grown to be the largest in the South, and all the other neighborhood gardens on tour.  Thank you for your support making Memphis a premier garden tourist destination!

Learn more about Explore Memphis Gardens here

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