Submissions EXTENDED! StoryBoard Shorts, Doc Fest moved to April, 2024

Not ready for Cannes, Sundance or Indie Memphis? There are first times for every filmmaker. The first time picking up a camera. The first time focusing on a subject. The first time conducting that interview. And, that first film festival submission.

For years we’ve been asked, “StoryBoard invites open story submissions, right? Why don’t you all launch a short documentary competition for unknown filmmakers?”

Well, last summer we finally took the plunge into the deep end and found our way to a unique festival designed to reach that untapped talent that’s out there, from every level of experience, teens to retirees, and from every corner of the community. Hopefully we don’t come out all wet!


Whether you’re an unknown filmmaker or arrive here with years of experience, this ‘mini’ festival is your platform to show your short nonfiction works. And in a region – Memphis, the Delta and the Mid-South – known worldwide for discovering and cultivating raw, unknown talents.

StoryBoard Shorts Doc Fest invites filmmakers, teens to retirees, from Memphis, the Mid-South, the Delta region and around the world whose talents have yet to be discovered to submit their short-short* documentaries – polished, rough, or works-in-progress – for a festival and competition to showcase their storytelling talents for industry insiders and on the big screen for live audiences.

(*10 minutes or less)

Earlybird Deadline is in December, 2023. Regular deadline is in January, 2024.

Yes there will be prizes. Yes there are specific categories. Yes we will be screening finalists’ works in person – at Playhouse on the Square in April, 2024. Yes this supports the local filmmaking ecosystem.

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN!  Check it out. Tell your friends. Grab those cameras. Send us your stories.


First Official Sponsor of StoryBoard Shorts Doc Fest:

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