ROE: Circuit Playhouse Presents Regional Premiere Addressing Women’s Rights

Playhouse on the Square, in partnership with Gene and Carol Katz, Karen McCarthy, and Super Sponsor Dr. Thomas Ratliff, present Lisa Loomer’s new play dedicated to the controversial Roe versus Wade decision.

Tickets are available now at or by calling the box office (901) 726-4656.

The landmark case of Roe v. Wade is explored with the women who etched their names into the annals of history. The Supreme Court decision, still debated, takes new weight with the real stories of the women involved.

Irene Crist (The Goodbye Levee, Sweat), directs the timely and poignant play with the intent of sharing all sides to the argument in an effort to spark honest conversation. “I am attempting to be an even handed as I can be. I hope that people can hear the other side [of the debate] as clearly as they hear their own,” says Crist.

Lisa Loomer’s play weaves the stories of multiple women and men involved in the movement leading up to the Roe v. Wade decision and its aftermath.  Actors play various characters in addition to significant historical figures to the story.  The all-star cast is led by Playhouse on the Square Resident Company Member, Kim Sanders (Shanktown, A Doll’s House), as Norma, Jane Roe for the Supreme Court trial. Sanders is joined by fellow Company Member Michael Gravios (A Doll’s House, Tuck Everlasting) as Actor 1, Flip, et. al.  Playhouse on the Square’s final Associate Company class is also largely represented in this cast including Courtney Noisette (If Pekin is a Duck, Why Am I in Chicago?, Shanktown), Cristian Nieves (The Wizard of Oz, A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline), and Ben Jaeger (The Wizard of Oz).

The complete cast and crew of Roe is as follows:


Actress 1 (Sarah): Tracie Hansom

Actress 2 (Norma):  Kim Sanders*

Actress 3 (Connie, Ofelia):  Lisa Sanchez Sullivan

Actress 4 (Linda, Judy, et al):  Brooke Papritz*

Actress 5 (Ronda, Helen, et al):   Haley Wilson*

Actress 6 (Aileen, et al):  Samantha Miller*

Actress 7 (Molly, Mary, et al):  Sally Stover

Actress 8 (Roxy):  Courtney Noisette**

Child Actress:  Sami Bray

Actor 1 (Flip, et al):  Michael Gravois*

Actor 2 (McCluskey, et al):  Cristian Nieves**

Actor 3 (Blackmun, et al):  Ben Jaeger**

Swing 1: Mac White

Swing 2: Rachel Adkins

Child Actress Understudy: Audrey Anne


Director: Irene Crist

Asst. Director: Rachel Adkins

Stage Manager: Emma White

Asst. Stage Manager/Dramaturg: Savannah S. Miller

Scenic Designer: Kiah Kayser

Lighting Designer: Megan O’Brien

Props Designer: Timothy Henderson Jr.**

Sound Designer: Joshua Crawford

Costume Designer: Waverly Strickland

Production Manager: Phillip Hughen

Technical Director: Mike Jurkovic

* Resident Company Member

**Associate Company Member 

Performances will run Thursday-Saturday with an 8:00 pm curtain and with a 2:00 pm curtain on Sunday.  For tickets, call the Box Office at (901) 726-4656 or visit the website  Follow with social media using #KnowRoe901. Group rates are available.

Special ticket pricing for opening weekend is $30.  The Pay What You Can performance is Thursday, February 9th.

For questions and booking, please contact Playhouse on the Square Director of PR/Marketing, Robert Williams II (901) 725-6479.

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