Circuit Playhouse, Inc. Dedicates Weekend Performances to the Life of Tyre Nichols

As a community of artists, educators, support staff, family, and friends, Circuit Playhouse, Inc. is committed to our organization’s vision to engage with our community through intentional and inclusive storytelling. We also strive to use our artistry to represent the heart and soul of our community. We are charged to represent our region with the stories we tell on the stage and in the classroom, how they are told, and the people and voices we utilize to tell them. We acknowledge the importance of this role and the social responsibility it places on us.

As our city faces the wake of the tragic incidents that have taken the life of Tyre Nichols, CPI shares in the grief, pain, and despair our community feels after yet another senseless death of a young Black American. As an organization, we stand with those demanding justice for Tyre and his family. It is our hope that justice prevails.

The cast of If Pekin is a Duck, Why am I in Chicago? and The Scottsboro Boys, have made the decision to dedicate their performances this weekend to the life and memory of Tyre Nichols and his family. Both productions induce themes of black joy and excellence as African Americans continue the daily struggle to be seen, understood, and most of all, protected. The casts will use their artistry and their shows’ themes to celebrate the humanity, joy, and tenacity of our community.

Circuit Playhouse, Inc. leadership strongly and proudly stands behind its cast and crew with this decision. We hope that the healing power of the arts can bring peace to our city during these trying times. Our city and our people are strong. We don’t bluff. When we unite, there is nothing that can come between us. #POTSProud

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