Arrow Creative unveils new home, off ‘Creative’ Central

This week StoryBoard got a sneak peek and tour of Arrow Creative’s new artist studio space and marketplace at 653 Philadelphia Street, just south of Central Avenue in the heart of Midtown. It’s new, and it’s spectacular.

From Arrow Creative:

We are building out over 20 studios supporting artists with a serious commitment to their work and a need for affordable space. We provide reachable goals to artistic excellence by giving our creative entrepreneurs the tools they need to create a robust and well formed business, through accessible equipment as well as business courses available. We will offer gallery space for exhibitions and display the work of over 100 artists in our retail space, paying out almost $43,000 to local artists in 2020. Dorothy Collier, current studio artist and co-founder of Arrow, can speak directly to what the power of an accessible creative community can do for an artist’s bottom line. Dorothy Art was selected for a pop up shop with the Downtown Memphis Commission in Oct 2017. She had the shop open 15 hours a week selling her art and live painting, engaging and entertaining shoppers. The customers would feel a connection to the artist, see the process of the art, and purchase a piece right then and there. October 2017 in person retail surpassed December 2016 and December 2015’s holiday sales. Dorothy quickly learned that in person retail experiences provide a wonderful connection for the Memphis arts community and bring in substantial income for creative entrepreneurs. Arrow will help to create these experiences times 20 with our studio spaces available.

See more of What’s New at Arrow here

Arrow co-founders reflect on moving into their new Midtown space.
Dorothy Collier, left, and Abby Phillips
Programs Manager Jacklyn Scott, left, shares a moment of inspiration with Abby Phillips

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