Memphis, What’s your Memphis music story? Tell us!

For this October’s Memphis Music Month, StoryBoard asks our audience to share their music stories and memories

If you’re a fan of Memphis music, chances are pretty good you’ve got a Memphis music story that belongs to you and you only.

Maybe you’re among the thousands – tens of thousands? – of Memphians who had their own personal Elvis encounter. Maybe you sat next to Booker T. Jones in a diner the day he and his M.G.’s recorded “Green Onions.” Maybe you worked as an extra on Craig Brewer’s Hustle & Flow. Or maybe you’re one of the dozens of musicians today giving their neighborhood impromptu, live-streamed porch concerts.

Porch concert – Borrowed from Mark E. Stuart’s FaceBook page.

For this month – October is Memphis Music Month – StoryBoard is working with the @ILoveMemphisBlog and the Memphis Music Hub and inviting you, our readers, to share with us your unique Memphis story with a Memphis Music Challenge.

StoryBoard – and by extension, our new SoundBoard – is about connecting Memphians to their city, its communities, its culture, its arts. And who knows just how many thousands of music connections there are out there in Bluff City. Help us find out, by sharing with us your personal Memphis music story and memory, or what “Memphis music” means to you.

Oh, and there’s gifts involved! See below. Using the hashtag #memphismusicchallenge, here’s how you can participate:

Where is this?

Challenge readers to a photo scavenger hunt by tagging @storyboardmemphis and the @ilovememphisblog with hashtag #memphismusicchallenge. Local murals depict local music moments and icons. Studios have unique exteriors of brick or stucco, or with great signage. Specific streets, diner booths, front gates, etc., have musical connections. Take a photo of a Memphis location (or use one of your existing), post it to your Instagram and/or Facebook accounts, tag us, and challenge our audience to determine the location, artist, or music moment.

Share a video clip of a porch or neighborhood concert by tagging @storyboardmemphis and @ilovememphisblog. Porch and neighborhood corner concerts are popping up all over – share a clip on your Instagram or Facebook accounts, tag us, and tell us who was performing, and where.

Submit a short (very short) story about your unforgettable Memphis music moment, like your brush with music fame, or the very first time you said “This – this – was my first Memphis music moment.” Submit your story to StoryBoard here.

Share your My Memphis Music Is … in an Instagram story on StoryBoard. For you, Memphis music might mean the vibration in your chest from the up-close drums and bass at Bar DKDC. It might be the chills of standing in Elvis’ shoes at Sun Studio. It might mean standing in the mud during Memphis in May. To share your story, go to StoryBoard’s Instagram stories on Instagram and post your moment or memory.

Remember, use the hashtag #memphismusicchallenge.

Gifts! Once the Memphis Music Challenge is complete, the StoryBoard and SoundBoard editorial teams will be reviewing your submissions and selecting a “Best Of” in each of the four categories above: Best Scavenger Hunt, Best Porch Concert Video, Best Memphis Music Story, Best Instagram Story. Winners will receive a signed copy of Holly Whitfield’s Secret Memphis, a Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure.

The MemphisMusicChallenge ends October 31st, 2020. Please email us at with any questions.

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