Memphis Music Hub shares their 2020 list* of songs released by Memphis artists

*The list so far!

The Memphis Music Hub has shared their 2020 list of songs released by Memphis artists so far this year. And, as list creator Jayne Ellen White says, they’re good! “These are hip, young, talented members of our music community that are either releasing stuff they already have or they’re in their house figuring out how to record on the fly,” she said.

Jayne is the music specialist for Memphis Tourism’s Music Hub, and she talked about the list during an interview on StoryBoard 30. “I was just sitting around and I was seeing every day these artists putting out new records or new singles. I said ‘man I could make a list just from what’s come out in the past four months.’ And it’s good! It makes ya feel good.”

“I make Spotify lists for our Memphis Tourism channel all the time,” said Jayne Ellen White. “Sometimes it’s the Jam in the Van live session, sometimes the Memphis in May lineup, we have of course our legacy lists. This (2020 list) came about in compiling a list of ways to experience Memphis in a virtual way. It was really fun to make, and is further proof to me that the recorded music scene is alive and well in Memphis.”

The songs on the list (link below) are from current music released in 2020 by artists from Memphis (all except 2 and they were late December 19). Twenty-six songs are on the list, new music from Memphis artists like Francheschi, Deonna Pruitt and Kelvin Waters, Mark Edgar Stuart, KadyRoxz, Adajyo, and acts like Lucky 7 Brass Band and Jam in the Van, The Sensational Barnes Brothers.

Start your listening here, to the Memphis 2020 playlist on Spotify.

Feature image from Memphis Travel Music Hub

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