Planning & Development: Board of Adjustment Applications for June 21, 2023

This month’s Board of Adjustment applications include parking and site alterations at the Biltmore and McAlpin apartment buildings at 1812 and 1820 Madison Avenue in Midtown, requests for a Smoke Shop on Poplar in East Memphis and a food truck in Colonial Acres. Details below.

Comments for all applications are due to the staff planner by Wednesday, June 14 at 8AM

Parking changes as proposed in application BOA 2023-060 for 1812 and 1820 Madison Avenue in Midtown

From the Division of Planning and Development:

The 11 cases listed below have been filed with the Division of Planning and Development for consideration before the Memphis and Shelby County Board of Adjustment during its regular meeting on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 at 2PM in the City Council Chambers of City Hall, 125 N. Main Street. Please provide any written comments you may have to the staff planner indicated below by Wednesday, June 14 at 8AM so they can be incorporated into the staff report. (Note: Going forward, the date for agency and public comments will be the Thursday before the date of the meeting.) You may also attend the meeting to provide verbal testimony on any of these matters. The staff planners assigned to each case are listed below.

Full applications for these cases may be accessed from this website:

You may view this meeting on YouTube at the following link:

  1. BOA 23-059: VOLLINTINE – EVERGREEN: variance from Sub-Item 4.9.6E(2)(g)(iii) to allow an electronic message sign less than 20 square feet within 100 feet of a residential district and Sub-Item 4.9.6E(2)(h)(i) for not fronting an arterial or collector road for Vollintine Elementary School at 1682 Vollintine Ave. Staff Planner:
  2. BOA 23-060: MIDTOWN: variance from Sub-Section 4.4.8A to allow a vehicular gate to be located 25 feet from the right-of-way; Sub-Section 4.5.3B to allow two fewer parking spaces; Paragraph 4.5.5C(1) to allow part of the parking lot to be gravel; and Table 2.5.2 and Section 8.4.7 to allow apartments in the Commercial Mixed Use – 3 (CMU-3) Use District and the Midtown District Overlay at 1820 Madison Ave. Staff Planner:
  3.  BOA 23-061: MIDTOWN: time extension to a previously approved variance (BOA 19-20) from Paragraph 4.9.15F(6) to allow/legitimize a second detached sign on this site at 2264 Union Ave. Staff Planner:
  4. BOA 23-062: EAST MEMPHIS: variance from Sub-Section 2.6.3S to allow a Smoke Shop to be located closer than 1320 feet to a place of worship at 5167 Poplar Ave. Staff Planner:
  5. BOA 23-063: CENTRAL GARDENS: variance from Paragraphs 2.7.2A(1) and 2.7.2A(2) to allow an accessory structure to be located within the required side yard setback and closer than 5 feet to another structure at 1828 Central Ave. Staff Planner:
  6. BOA 23-064: EAST MEMPHIS: variance to allow an encroachment of the principal structure into the platted side yard setback pursuant to Sub-Section 3.2.9F at 1374 Pebble Creek Ln. Staff Planner:
  7. BOA 23-065: COLONIAL ACRES: use variance from Table 2.5.2 to allow a food truck in the Residential Single Family – 6 (R-6) zoning district at 1500 S Perkins Rd. Staff Planner:
  8. BOA 23-067: FRAYSER: use variance from Table 2.5.2 and Paragraph 2.6.2B(2) to allow a group daycare home with a maximum of twelve (12) children in the Residential Single Family – 10 (R-10) zoning district at 2350 Clearpark Dr. Staff Planner:
  9. BOA 23-068: U OF M ADJACENT: variance from Sub-Section 3.6.1A to allow for an encroachment of the principal structure into the required side (interior) setback at 241 Patterson St. Staff Planner:
  10. BOA 23-069: PARKWAY VILLAGE: variance from Paragraph 4.9.7B(2) and Item 4.9.7B(4)(a) to allow a larger sign and larger sign lettering at 3101 Knight Rd. Staff Planner:
  11. BOA 2023-071 (correspondence to BOA 1976-50): EAST MEMPHIS: variance from table 4.5.3 to allow 33 fewer than required parking spaces and parking lot reconfiguration at 1775 Lynnfield Road. Staff Planner:

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