MidtownMemphis.org: We Oppose a ‘Transitional Home Use’ for 1309, 1317 and 1319 Jackson Avenue

MidtownMemphis.org supports Six Midtown neighborhood organizations that stand in opposition of a proposal that “does not conform with Memphis 3.0 recommendations”

MidtownMemphis.org is in support of neighborhoods who are opposed to S.U.P. 20-01. These include Klondike Smokey City, Speedway Terrace, Crosstown and Vollintine Evergreen neighborhoods. On April 30, the Crosstown Memphis CDC and North Crosstown Neighborhood Associations joined in this opposition.

The application proposes to use existing buildings at 1309, 1317 and 1319 Jackson Avenue as a transitional home that will provide transient housing and social service programs for approximately 50 rehabilitating men.

We join neighbors who oppose a transitional home use at this location for the following reasons.

  • A transitional home use is not compatible with and will be harmful to the future of Jackson Avenue as a “Neighborhood Main Street” serving adjacent neighborhoods.
  • A transitional home does not conform with Memphis 3.0 recommendations that new uses along Jackson Avenue should “provide retail and services to the surrounding neighborhoods.”
  • A transitional home use does not conform with Memphis 3.0 recommendations that new uses along Jackson Avenue should “serve as walkable or bike-able destinations where community members can meet multiple daily needs in a single trip.”
  • It does not conform to the Memphis 3.0 description of a “Neighborhood Main Street” which says that “when thriving, they are nodes of activity that enliven a neighborhood.”
“Neighborhood Main Street” as defined by Memphis 3.0

Conformance with the Memphis 3.0 Plan is important to support the City’s investment in the revitalization of neighborhoods along Jackson Avenue.

Jackson Avenue between Thomas and I-240 is located within the Uptown tax increment finance (TIF) district. Memphis and Shelby County Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is implementing the “Memphis Uptown Community Plan” to help neighborhoods within the Uptown TIF District overcome blighted conditions so they can grow and thrive again.

Right: Former Barber School, Memphis Institute of Barbering, at 1309 Jackson Ave. View east on Jackson. (photo from Land Use Control Board Staff Report)

As part of this implementation Memphis and Shelby County CRA is developing a plan to rebuild Jackson Avenue between Seventh Street & I-240. The redeveloped Jackson Avenue will provide improved sidewalks, street trees and other infrastructure to implement the future “Neighborhood Main Street” vision in the Memphis 3.0 comprehensive plan. Memphis Housing and Community Development will extend the rebuilding of Jackson Avenue from I-240 to Watkins Street to implement the “Neighborhood Main Street” recommendation in the Memphis 3.0 comprehensive plan.

This significant investment by the City and County enabled by the Uptown TIF District and funding by Memphis Housing and Community Development should be supported as new land use applications are considered for approval by the Land Use Control Board, Memphis City Council and the Board of Adjustment.

This decision regarding the future of Jackson Avenue should be made with participation by the citizens who live and/or own property in the neighborhoods along Jackson Avenue. For various reasons including age and income, many of these citizens are not able to participate in virtual meeting using Zoom or some other program that requires certain knowledge and access to technology unavailable to them at the present time.

In summary we agree with neighborhood residents and property owners that this application should be rejected because:

  • it is not compatible with and is harmful to the adjacent neighborhoods;
  • it does not support Memphis 3.0 recommendations for “NeighborhoodMain Street;”
  • it does not support the enormous investment being made by Memphis andShelby County to revitalize Jackson Avenue and the adjacent neighborhoods that it serves.

MidtownMemphis.org is a nonprofit 501(c)3 and promotes the economic development, cultural activities, and historical integrity of Midtown Memphis.

View the full application and staff report here.

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