For the Wives & Girlfriends of WGC FedEx St. Jude Classic: Memphis Through the Back Door

By Candace Echols

A letter to the wives and girlfriends of the golfers coming to our city for the first time.

Dear First Ladies of Golf,

Welcome to Memphis! My husband absolutely loves golf, and as a golf-wife myself I thought it would be fun to see what your lives must be like as the fabulous wives and girlfriends of the players. 

No doubt you’ve visited endless beautiful cities around the world. And surely someone takes you to the typical tourist spots when you’re not hanging in the clubhouse or on the fairway. Memphis has a beauty all its own, and I’d like to share my own behind the scenes tour to the not-so-historical places I’d visit, one girl to another, if I were you. 

None of these places are in a history book, but no doubt you’ll love them all! My recommendations for Memphis-in-a-day:

Early morning workout: Hot Yoga Plus. A perfect way to start the day! Just the right size yoga studio with just the right amount of cool. You’ll be glad you got up for this.  Hot Yoga Plus.

Breakfast: Sunrise Memphis. Off the beaten path but a hit among those who know a good breakfast spot when they find one. Fresh and young in a myriad of ways. Live music that somehow makes you love your coffee even more! 

Sunrise Memphis

Since the weather is nice, they will probably have the sliding window walls wide open. Delightful!   Sunrise Memphis.

Mid-morningShelby Farms. You can kayak or mountain bike or run or sail here, but what I think is fun is the Go Ape, In The Trees course! It sounds like something you’d endure with your kids, but in reality, I ended up having the time of my life soaring through the trees and over the water. Highly recommend! Shelby Farms.

“Go Ape” In the Trees at Shelby Farms Park

Lunch: City Silo Table + Pantry. El Goodo bowl is my vote and their lattes are perfect! You’ll feel right at home here. City Silo Table + Pantry.

Afternoon shopping: Pickering Boxwood is a boutique just around the corner from City Silo and it’s a treat on so many levels. The colors are a feast for the eyes! On the surface, it appears to be just a shop, but if women had birthday parties the way children do, this would no doubt be a hot spot for those – it’s just plain fun! Don’t miss it.  Pickering Boxwood.

And more!

Spa: Eden Day Spa is a thin slice of Heaven. It’s better than other spas. The massages are better. The atmosphere is better. It’s just … better. Pop by for a post-Go Ape massage.  Eden Day Spa.

More shopping: Beautiful Soul. This boutique store is closer to the course, and it’s got a funky side you won’t expect from the outside. While you’re there, stop in Mozelle next door. You’ll be glad you did.  Beautiful Soul Boutique.

And finally . . .

Dinner:  If you have a free night while you’re here, scoot over to The Beauty Shop on Cooper St. in Midtown. Think 1950’s beauty shop meets whimsical, funky modern eatery.

The Beauty Shop is incredibly unique in all the best ways. I recommend the Barramundi. You won’t be sorry. The Beauty Shop.

This is Memphis through the back door. You won’t see a single tour guide at any of these places, but you’ll enjoy every one of them! 

Hope to see you next year!

. . . . .

Candace Echols is a Central Gardens resident and a part of StoryBoard’s Page One Writer’s Program. 

Feature photo: breakfast at City Silo Table + Pantry, from their website.

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