Planning & Development: Land Use Applications for June 8, 2023

This month’s Land Use Control Board applications include a proposal for major additions and an expansion by Youth Villages.

Among Land Use Control Board 10 applications next month, a proposal from Youth Villages would enable the organization to add two new buildings – a residential building and an activities building – and expand the existing educational building in the Primacy Oaks Office Park at the Youth Villages Dogwood Campus, their flagship campus located on 41 secluded acres in Arlington, Tennessee.

Through a variety of programs and community events, Youth Villages serves 15 states as a private, nonprofit organization “dedicated to helping children with emotional and behavioral problems and their families live successfully.”

As stated in the letter of intent by brg3s Principal Amber Fournier, AIA, “Youth Villages would like to add a new residential cottage, a new activities building for resident use, and create an addition to the school building at their Dogwood Campus located at 2790 Bekemeyer Dr. We are asking on behalf of our client for a major modification approval to the existing special use permit SUP 10-214. The Cottage building will house up to 16 residents, providing living space and accommodations. The Activities building will provide active spaces for drumming, fitness, yoga, dance, and climbing, as well as a movie viewing room and an art classroom to support the residents that live on campus. The addition to the School will include four new classrooms and a multipurpose room for educational use as well as renovations in the cafeteria to accommodate the residents who live on campus.”

A part of the West Tennessee campus of Youth Villages (courtesy of Youth Villages)

Above, images from Youth Villages’ LUCB application, case number MJR 23-024, correspondence to SUP 10-214) (Renderings courtesy of brg3s)


(Courtesy of Develop901)

The 10 cases listed at the bottom of this message have been filed with the Division of Planning and Development for consideration by the Memphis and Shelby County Land Use Control Board during its regular meeting on Thursday, June 8, 2023, at 9 AM in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 125 N. Main Street.

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) meeting is scheduled for 9 AM, Thursday, May 25 in the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Conference Room on the first floor of City Hall. The cases indicated below with an asterisk (“*”) will be discussed at the TRC meeting, and the cases listed as minor subdivisions are subject to administrative approval at the meeting. Please provide any comments for these cases to the staff planner listed below by 8 AM, Wednesday, May 24.

For all other cases, please provide any comments you may have to the staff planner by 8 AM, Wednesday, May 31. (Note: Going forward, the date for agency and public comments will be the Wednesday before the date of the meeting.)

The staff planners’ email addresses are listed below; full applications for these cases may be accessed from this website: This meeting will also be streamed live on this YouTube link: (

  1. MJR 23-21: CORDOVA (correspondence to SUP 23-01): major modification to eliminate internal circulation on Tract 6 of Club Center North Final Plan, at 7999 Club Center Dr. Staff Planner:
  2. MJR 23-22: CORDOVA ADJACENT (correspondence to PD_092-CC-R-O): major modification to allow personal care service use in Germantown Pkwy Commons PH II Subdivision at 293 Germantown Bend Cove Staff Planner:
  3. MJR 23-23: CORDOVA (correspondence to PD 03-03): major modification to allow a private club use in the Cordova Grove PD PH 4 at 8342 Macon Rd. Staff Planner:
  4. MJR 23-24: EADS (correspondence to SUP 10-214): major modification to allow a residential building, an activities building and expand an educational building in the Primacy Oaks Office Park at the Youth Villages Dogwood Campus at 2790 Bekemeyer Dr. Staff Planner:
  5. PD 23-09: FRAYSER: new planned development and outline plan conditions to allow the expansion of an existing pawn shop at 3337 Overton Crossing St. Staff Planner:
  6.  PD 2023-010: EADS: new planned development and outline plan conditions to allow vehicle storage in the Conservation Agriculture (CA) zoning district  at 12585 US Highway 64. Staff Planner:
  7. *S 23-23: ROSEMARK ADJACENT: 1 lot minor residential subdivision at 10854 Millington Arlington RD. Staff Planner: *
  8. *S 23-24: ROSEMARK: 3 lot minor residential subdivision at 8703 Rosemark Rd. Staff Planner: *
  9. *S 23-25: SW MEMPHIS: 4 lot major residential subdivision at 4950 Horn Lake Rd. Staff Planner: *
  10. Z 23-76: FOX MEADOWS: rezoning of +/- 0.61 acres from Residential Single-Family – 6 (R-6) to Commercial Mixed Use 1 (CMU-1) at 5420 Knight Arnold Rd. Staff Planner:


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