The Unreachables: Memphis nonprofit meets its no-tech neighbors at their doorsteps

By Cole Bradley, for High Ground News

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the internet is a crucial tool for finding accurate information and aid. But U.S. Census data shows less than half of all households in some of Memphis’ lowest-income neighborhoods have internet access. 

“What does it take to really connect with people who are disengaged and disconnected in disinvested communities?,” asked Britney Thornton, founder of JUICE Orange Mound.

JUICE is a resident-led, nonprofit organization serving people currently living in Orange Mound. Orange Mound is one of Memphis’ chronically under-resourced neighborhoods. 

JUICE is reaching their no-tech and low-tech neighbors during the pandemic with a two-fold strategy: bump up the start date for their Orange Mound Street Assembly and use assembly members to distribute care packages to neighbors in a series of Orange Mound CAREavans.

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Feature Image: Volunteers with JUICE Orange Mound deliver supplies to a senior in Orange Mound. JUICE asked residents to text what supplies they needed and fulfilled individual orders before delivery via CAREavan. (Cole Bradley)

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