Three kids jump in a bounce house at Klondike May Day event in Memphis

Klondike May Day Event Brings Neighbors Together

Dreams for Memphis Klondike community on full display

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, at Northside High in the Klondike Neighborhood, friends, neighbors, community partners and more gathered for a fun, informative, and festive May Day Event. 

“We had a great festival with food, fun and fellowship. Many residents came to talk about their dreams for the community and their needs for today,” said Vice President and Lead Counsel for the Works Steve Barlow. 

“We talked about plans for the North Side redevelopment, plans for a community land trust and a Klondike TIF, the available homeowner repair program, and the general goal we all share of Moving Klondike Forward. We look forward to our next community meeting and we are all encouraged by the positive momentum.” 

From bounce houses to health screenings to other community resources, guests were treated to a nice day at the soon to be reimagined Northside High. In fact, renderings of the redevelopment were on display and neighbors were encouraged to share their ideas on what they would like to see the building become. 

“With the reimagination of Northside High in process and our strong partnership with Klondike Smokey City, we want the community to know that Klondike is a great place to live, work and play,” said CEO of the Works Roshun Austin. 

“This fun and festive event was a great way to kick off the summer, play some games and learn about some great things happening in this historic and beautiful neighborhood.” 

A special thanks goes out to all of our vendors who were there. This event wouldn’t be possible without you. They include Funland Party Rentals, LNB Productions, Turkey Legs by Doom, A-Maze-ing BBQ, Got Munchies? Abd B & B New Orleans Style Shaved Ice.  

“May Day was an opportunity for the Klondike Smokey City CDC and the Works to interact with the community by providing information on resources such as CSA, Community Lift, health screenings and more,” said Klondike Smokey City Executive Director Quincey Morris. 

For more on this special event, our friends and colleagues at ComCap Partners wrote a robust and very informative piece in their latest newsletter that can be read here. For more information on this evolving project, please visit

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