Reviving a Lasting Legacy: the Grigg’s College Photo Contest

There is nothing quite like the HBCU experience! Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) play a pivotal role in the lives of many African Americans. The Griggs Business College was one of the first Black-owned business colleges in Memphis, TN and we want to honor its legacy.

In celebration of Black History Month, the Friends of Griggs Business College is hosting a photo contest. Did you or someone you know attend the Griggs Business and Practical Arts College (1916-1971)? Do you have photos or other artifacts that capture those critical developmental moments? If so, we want to see them!

Enter your photo(s) in the Griggs College Photo Contest for a chance to win $500 in cash!

The winning photos will be those that best capture the essence of “there’s nothing like the HBCU experience”. Contestants awarded the first through third-place photographs of each category will receive monetary prizes. Winning photos will also be posted on the Griggs Business and Practical Arts College fans Facebook page, showcased in the online editions of StoryBoard Memphis (producer of works such as the A. Schwab History Project and the upcoming StoryBoard Memphis streaming television show) including a future print issue, and featured in the Griggs Legacy Project documentary to be housed at the future South City Museum and Cultural Center.


First Place –

$500 in cash + showcased in StoryBoard Memphis Online Editions + featured in documentary

Second Place –

$250 in cash + featured in documentary

Third Place –

$100 in cash + featured in documentary

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Terms and conditions

  • There is no maximum limit of photos submitted by a photographer,
  • Photographers must be the sole author of the entries and hold all intellectual property rights,
  • To participate in the contest, photographers must be aged 18 years or older,
  • To enter the contest – ALL entries must include the OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM and must submit photos via email to stating full name, title, date shot, location and caption
  • If the photographer(s) is different from the contestant, the contestant must have received permission in writing from the subject(s) in the photos or the photographer agreeing to the terms and conditions of the “Griggs College Photo Contest”.Photos must be submitted with a title, date shot, location and caption,
  • Entries will only be accepted in digital format and must not be digitally enhanced or manipulated in any way,
  • Photos must be sent by 23:59 Midnight (Central Time) of February 28, 2023,
  • When entering the photo contest, photographers agree to the terms and conditions.

Legal matters

The participants grant the Friends of Griggs College, its partners and other agencies as well as other persons or entities authorized by the Friends of Griggs College a free of charge, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual, worldwide license to use the copyright, related rights or any other intellectual property rights that have arisen by law or will arise by law in the prepared and submitted photos. The Friends of Griggs College is entitled to publish the photos but has no obligation to do so. The Friends of Griggs College accepts no responsibility for technical or other disturbances that may impede the submission of your photo(s). By submitting your photo(s), you accept these Entry Rules and Conditions. The Friends of Griggs College expressly reserves the right to exclude photos if participants breach these Entry Rules and Conditions or in case of a corresponding cause or suspicion.

Here is how you can submit your PHOTOS

  • You must send your photo(s) via email to,
  • When sending photos, YOU MUST insert your name and Griggs Photo Contest in the SUBJECT BOX. Photo(s) will NOT be accepted if this information is not provided in the subject box,
  • You must fill out and submit the OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM and agree to the terms and conditions of the photo contest (see below),
  • Each photo should include the following information: Title, date shot, location, caption (maximum 100 words) explaining what the picture portrays.


A panel of judges will evaluate photos based on:

  • Relevance to the theme of the contest
  • Photo composition/lighting
  • Originality
  • Caption

A picture says a thousand words. Be visible! Let the world remember Griggs Business College!



See related content and news on the Grigg’s Business College and the Grigg’s Legacy Project

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