Backyard garden at Cooper-Young Garden Walker

Cooper-Young Garden Walk 2022: Hats on to Gardeners!

The Cooper-Young Garden Club (CYGC) has announced the location, dates, and theme for its highly anticipated 2022 Cooper-Young Garden Walk, “Hats on to Gardeners,” which will take place in the historic, vibrant Cooper-Young neighborhood from Saturday, May 21 through Sunday, May 22, 2022.

The 2022 event gives garden hosts the opportunity to be as colorful as their gardens.  “Hats on to Gardeners” plays right into the hands of the unique individuals who make up this quirky, one-of-a-kind neighborhood.  Gardeners, vendors, speakers, and visitors will be encouraged to decorate a hat of their choice in a manner that reflects their garden style. Zany, offbeat, beautifully decorated hats will be available for purchase.

The Cooper-Young Garden Walk is the largest event of its kind in the South.  It has grown over the years to include 100 or more urban gardens and draws visitors from as far away as the Mid-West and Connecticut. The CYGW has been increasing its share of the rising garden tourism segment every year. Additionally, the beloved “BackBeat Tour Bus” will be shuttling visitors to the different neighborhood quadrants.

The Cooper-Young Garden Walk is famous for combining the fun side of outdoor living with the more serious themes of native plants, sustainability, and bringing back our pollinators. People anticipate the CYGW because it offers great ideas for small urban spaces.  The neighborhood has a variety of interests ranging from bee-keeping to chickens; composting to hydroponics; flowers to vegetables. We also show off our outdoor living spaces: stand-alone artist studios, gazebos, pergolas, screen porches, and the ubiquitous garden shed.

The weekend has a festival feel with vendor booths, music, art, hands-on learning, and expert advice. Ticket holders receive discounts at local award-winning restaurants and shops to enhance their visit to the neighborhood and give themselves a chance to build their energy for more garden views. 

Tickets are available for purchase online.

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