A Pipeline & A Pandemic: Graphic Essay by Mikhaila Markham

This article originally appeared in Volume I, Issue II of StoryBoard Memphis Quarterly in March 2022.

A Pipeline & A Pandemic by Mikhaila Markham
Drawings of Mikhaila Markahm sitting on the curb and lying on a bed
Drawing of Mikhaila Markham floating in water
Drawing of Mikhaila Markham sitting in front of a computer.
Drawing of Mikhaila Markham looking at a phone.
Drawing of Mikhaila Markham drawing the Memphis Sands Aquifer
Drawing of Mikhaila Markham waving to other people
Drawing of Mikhaila Markham

Funding for this project made possible by the Tennessee Arts Commission’s COVID-19 Arts Resilience Grants.

Copyright © 2022 by Mikhaila Markham. All rights reserved. Mikhaila Markham is a multimedia artist who has been making and sharing on the internet since her first YouTube channel at age thirteen. Today, her work spans many mediums, from graphic design and illustration to scriptwriting and animation. When she’s not sharing stories online, you might find Mikhaila petting dogs, baking sweets, and wandering around her neighborhood. 

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