Creatively Coping: Adventure in a confined space, with Katie Burriss

One of six artists profiled in Creatively Coping, Kristin Jones’s essay on the therapeutic power of working with one’s hands during uncertain times

I can’t help but notice how many creative ways people are coping, from gardening and baking, to construction and welding and repairing.” ~Kristin Jones

Cooking, By Katie Burriss

Cooking allows me to create without putting too much pressure on myself.

It’s an adventure within a confined space.

I can go back to my childhood with a southern recipe from my grandmother.

Or be in a new place altogether trying to master a French pastry or perfect Spanish seasoning.

It keeps my mind and hands creating and my soul light without being overwhelming.

Katie Burriss is a Memphis native and an Art Director at FedEx. Outside of the corporate world of design, she pursues her passions of photography, illustration, and the culinary arts. For more, visit her Instagram at:

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