Up Your Eyewear’s Versatility with Sun Clips


By the Eclectic Eye Staff

It is fall, and that drive-time sun hanging low on the horizon can make driving an adventure in squinting.

And at Eclectic Eye, we strongly believe in the benefits of sun protection for the overall health of the eye and for long-term vision quality, as well as your driving safety. That’s why we encourage our patients and customers to own a pair of high-quality sunglasses, prescription or not. But what if you’re not ready to take the plunge on a new pair of prescription suns? What if you love the frames you have for your everyday glasses? What if you can’t find anything you like as much in sunglasses? Sun clips may be your answer.

A sun clip is a lightweight metal-frame pair of sun lenses that clips comfortably to another pair of glasses. This can be a great alternative to carrying around an entire pair of sunglasses. They are easy to use and to transport, given their simple, sleek designs. We offer several versions of the sun clip in Eclectic Eye, so look for the perfect solution for you.

Options for Sun Clips

One option for a sun clip would be a customized, made-to-measure eClips. This is a great option if you already have a pair of frames you love or you plan to purchase a new pair. The lightweight metal frame of the clip comes in a variety of colors, from gold, silver, rich matte brown to saturated colors like blue and red. It’s also is available in two different designs: a simple clip-on, or a flip clip. The flip clip allows you to flip the lenses up out of the way and back down without removing the clip from the frame. All eClips come standard with top-notch polarized lenses. They are also available in multiple shades for ideal protection. Our skilled clip master, Chris, can custom-make these in-house! Because these are made at Eclectic Eye, you know that the quality and fit will be unmatched.

If you are looking for an entirely new pair of full-time clear glasses, a few of the independent frame lines we carry offer ready-made clips for some of their frames. Ahlem – a distinctly Parisian, handmade line – offers beautiful folding clips for a number of their metal frames. Jonathan, seen here, is wearing Ahlem’s, Place Colette. Our newest line out of California, Garrett Leight, has folding clips available for three of its most sought-after frames. Check out Arlinda in the Clune! As one of our bolder lines, Jacques Marie Mage offers clips that match the high shine if their frames’ beautiful gold and silver hardware.

Sun clips are a fashionable, convenient way to add another level of protection to your everyday glasses. Call or book an appointment online with one of our skilled Eyewear Architects! They can help you shop our ready-made clips and also assist you with an evaluation for a custom eClips.

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