Eclectic Eye presents “Unbridled Ambition” by Heidi Walter

Heidi Walter is a mixed multimedia conceptual sculptor and artist with a desire to create visually compelling works that remind people to lean into their purpose, act intentionally, stand firm on their convictions and to live and love well. She produces more than just aesthetically pleasing works of art; they are meant to elevate people’s consciousness within their homes. Her work is comprised of all of her favorite materials: paper, wood and cardboard with contrast, color, sparkle and whimsicality. This show is titled Unbridled Ambition to show the stance that her art is meant to take in the homes of those that purchase it.

Heidi received her master’s degree in art education, instructional leadership at Lipscomb University and set out to become an art educator. She first used that degree to teach middle and high school students, then moved on to teach those in their final stages of life. Her art show will feature sculptures of elongated human forms, made primarily out of newspaper and other forms of artwork that she creates from items that were once intended to be discarded.

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