Sponsoring the Midtown 2020 Visions MCA Map


StoryBoard Memphis is honoring the legacy of Memphis College of Art (MCA) with this commemorative “Midtown 2020 Visions” map. Inspired by MCA, drawn by local artists, a draft of the map appeared in the special one-year anniversary issue of StoryBoard and a second version was unveiled at MCA’s 2019 (and final) Holiday Bazaar. The third version is being revised as a special folded keepsake that will be made available wherever tourists (and Midtown aficionados) frequent.
Individual sponsors are welcome! One does not have to be a business owner to be a sponsor.

Please contact us with any questions and for logo placement.



In the mid-1970s First Tennessee Bank joined forces with what was then called the Midtown Council and created a full-color marketing brochure that praised the virtues of Midtown, Memphis as a way to stir investment back into the area.
“It’s the way Midtown Memphians do things,” the booklet said. And it became a snapshot in time, immortalizing Midtown businesses and a Midtown era that has changed much since.
Over four decades later Midtown is thriving and rapidly changing. And we at StoryBoard Memphis have summoned Memphis College of Art artists by immortalizing today’s Midtown with a similar snapshot: this time with a hand-drawn map of Midtown, complete with all your favorite landmarks and your businesses.
With this once-in-a-lifetime effort, we are also paying tribute to the legacy of the Memphis College of Art. Help us celebrate and honor the MCA, before it leaves us, by including your Midtown business. It will end up as one of those whimsical – but accurate – neighborhood maps sure to charm young and old for decades to come. Proceeds will go toward this special section and to high-quality 42″x30″ prints suitable for framing.
Just $35 to be listed and enumerated in this special map insert; $60 for a listing and your business logo around the map; $250 for map neighborhood co-sponsorship; $450 as a map co-presenter.
Please include your business name and street address as it applies.

Please contact us with any questions.

Additional information

Commemorative MCA Map Levels

Biz Listing & Biz Logo $60, Business Listing $35, Individual Listing as MCA & StoryBoard Champion $75, Midtown 2020 Map Presenter $450, Midtown 2020 Neighborhood Sponsor $250


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