The new Memphis Innovation Corridor: Virtual public meetings & public input thru June 30

The City of Memphis and the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) have unveiled the proposed plans for the new Memphis Innovation Corridor, a bus rapid transit route that will transport travelers from downtown to the University District and back, with stops every 10 minutes.

As part of the new corridor plans, roadway improvements will be made along the entire route of the corridor, including a much-anticipated plan to reduce Union Avenue to five lanes and add a center turn lane (see below).

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During this public input period, the Memphis Innovation Corridor is holding virtual public meetings thru June 30. These virtual meetings contain numerous online, interactive presentations that detail the designs and proposals for the station designs, proposed station locations and the corridor-wide road and safety improvements. Through these presentations, the public is invited to view the various plans, join a mailing list, and provide feedback on the Memphis Innovation Corridor and these proposed designs.

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The public can begin their site visit here, access the virtual meeting, learn more information about the Innovation Corridor and submit feedback. (public input period for this phase June 15 to June 30)

From the Memphis Innovation Corridor site:

Transit is changing in Memphis. The Memphis Innovation Corridor project will include mConnect, the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Memphis. With BRT vehicles arriving every 10 minutes during peak times and direct connections to 18 bus routes, mConnect, in conjunction with the Transit Vision Plan, will improve travel times and reliability across the entire MATA service area.

Union Avenue Improvements

Union Avenue will be converted from six lanes to five lanes from Manassas to East Parkway, providing a center turn lane and wider curb lanes. Center turn lanes reduce crashes by eliminating turns from the through lanes. The five lane road will make access for the adjacent properties easier and safer and allow left turns at all intersections. The outside curb lanes will improve transit vehicle operation and provide separation between moving vehicles and pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Existing (left) and proposed Union Ave. center lane addition (Memphis Innovation Corridor)

For more information, visit the Memphis Innovation Corridor.

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