Still Gathering Feedback: MPO’s “Walk & Roll,” Interactive Bike/Ped Map

Memphis’ Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) has released an interactive map designed to invite and gather public input on a master plan for safe bicycle transportation and pedestrian safety.

Interactive map from memphismpo.altaplanning

The Walk & Roll Memphis Region Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan is focused on updating the region’s plan for a safe and connected active transportation system and will continue through the Fall of 2020. The Interactive Map will be open for comments from January 17th, 2020 through March 31st, 2020. The link is below.

Access the map and start interacting here.

The public is invited to draw lines and make notes on the map where they would like to see bike lanes, better sidewalks, trails and greenways, safer or narrower streets and crossings, as well as streets that should not be touched.

The MPO website (below) encourages the public to “use this interactive map to show where you currently walk, roll, run, and/or bicycle; walking or biking improvements or projects you would like to see; or barriers, routes, destinations, or place-specific issues in the region you would like the project team to review or be aware of.”

Access the map and start interacting here.

The comments and suggestions you place on this map help the project team identify and prioritize improvements to the pedestrian and bicycling networks in the Greater Memphis Region.

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