SB 30 Episode 46: Discussing the upcoming NPI Summit with Imani Jasper

“…Those places of strength, of meaning to a community – it’s how we approach picking a venue for the summit. It’s a space related to the work we do in fighting property blight and a space that’s meaningful for the community.”

That’s Imani Jasper, program manager for Neighborhood Preservation, Inc., and the coordinator of this year’s NPI Summit, talking about how the NPI team selects venues that reflect the hard work of NPI in addressing blight. This year’s venue is Northside High School (read our February story), though the public tour of the school and venue has been postponed due the pandemic shutdown. But the workshops, next Friday May 1st, are still being held as scheduled, virtually through Zoom conferencing. Join host Mark Fleischer as he sits down with Imani Jasper for a preview of this year’s summit workshops.

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