You Don’t Want to Miss This: Winchester, two Moody’s and Morton; the new Hi Tone; and StoryBoard’s cameras

Randal Morton and Coco Moody join the Turnstyles of Graham Winchester and Seth Moody and the new Hi Tone for the debut Plugged-In event for StoryBoard TV

For its debut Plugged-In live music series for “StoryBoard Memphis” on Memphis Centric, StoryBoard presents the high-octane surf-rock band Turnstyles + Two (with Coco Moody and Randal Morton), live at the new Hi Tone Cafe, Wednesday night May 26, 2021.

Don’t miss this chance to see the new Hi Tone, to be a small part of Memphis TV history, and enjoy a rockin’ and rollin’ evening with the Turnstyles + Two crew.

Tickets are still available!

Tickets are on sale now!

Turnstyles’ Graham Winchester and Seth Moody invite Coco Moody and Randal Morton to jam with them in the big room upstairs, for a live performance that will be filmed and recorded for the first season of StoryBoard Memphis.

Doors will open at 7PM for the 8PM show. Advanced tickets are $20 and available on Eventbrite. See more details below:

“It’s gonna be loud,” said Hi Tone owner Brian ‘Skinny’ McCabe. And, it’s going to be a history-in-the-making event, recorded for the StoryBoard cameras and included in Season 1 of StoryBoard Memphis, coming to the Memphis Centric channel this summer. You do not want to miss this!

Turnstyles is a relatively new Memphis duo consisting of Seth Moody on guitar and Graham Winchester on the drums. Moody and Winchester play together in the Jack Oblivian Band, Cassette Set, and many other projects, but this high-energy duo is a chance to specifically explore surf rock, psych rock, and classic rock n’ roll. Cut You Off is the Turnstyles’ debut album. Find it here on Bandcamp.

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