SB30 Episode 43: Memphis’ future in arts & education, with Mojo recipient MCA and President Laura Hine

“The grief really never leaves. You tend to put it in its proper place and carry on with the work you have to do to close the school and honor the commitment to the students. But the undercurrent of grief is always there. Certain events really stoke it up some more, like our recent art sale, going through our collection of art, and seeing the vast history of pieces from the ’30s and ’40s and ’50s, every decade, reminded us of our history but also the vacuum that’s going to exist when we close our doors.”

That’s Laura Hine, President of Memphis College of Art, talking about the raw emotions that echo around Rust Hall in the final months of this important Memphis institution.

Join StoryBoard 30 host Mark Fleischer for this candid conversation with Laura Hine as she talks about the legacy of MCA, the heartbreaking decisions that led to its closing, and the struggles that many institutions of higher education face nationwide.

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