SB 30 Episode 62: Puppies bringing happiness & light to dark times, in a new children’s book from new author Candace Echols

“Sometimes they see things I don’t see, like in this book. . . where the children know something the adults don’t. In this story that does happen, and I think it does sometimes happen in real life, and that children can clue us into things. There came a point in this story where mom realizes Josephine was already on to the truth in a way that mom had not yet come to.”

That’s author Candace Echols, talking about parenting during the pandemic and how it informed her writing her debut children’s book Josephine and the Quarantine, a heartfelt and spiritual story of a little girl trying to convince her mom to adopt a puppy.

For this last SB 30 episode of 2020, join Candace as she talks with host Mark Fleischer about her writing life and her journey bringing this wonderful children’s tale from idea to a published work.

To purchase a copy of her book, visit the book’s page at

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