SB 30 Episode 59: From the outside looking in – America from an Aussie’s point of view, with Christina Day

“I think I’ve asked every person that I’ve met here. Where do you find your truth? What do you read? What do you watch? Most people look at me blankly and can’t really answer me because, well, does it exist? I end up having to look for raw data because that can’t lie. So I guess you try and make your arguments out of the raw data, whether it’s FBI statistics or economic statistics, because everything is skewed. A favorite game of ours is to flick between CNN and Fox News and look at the disparity between the two – and then you just got to try and work it out yourself. What your own truth is and everyone’s truth is different depending on how they’ve been brought up I guess, and where they live and what surrounds them.”

That’s Christina Day, talking to StoryBoard 30 host Mark Fleischer about her many impressions of life in the United States from her perspective as a foreigner and native Australian living in Memphis. Christina is a photographer, writer, blogger, wife and mother, and during this engaging conversation, through Christina’s eyes we get a taste of how Australia and the rest of the world views Memphis, this place called America, and our current President.

Feature image from Christina’s photography and blog, which can be found at The posts mentioned in the interview include “Why Vote Trump 2020,” and her very first post, “The Trailing Spouse.”

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