SB 30 Episode 56: The fate of the Highland Heights United Methodist Church

Our conversation with Dane Forlines and Fred Morton

Feature photo courtesy of Brantley Ellzey

Private wealth and public poverty . . . the notion is that while in America we’ve accumulated vast wealth in the private and corporate sector, that when we look at the public sector, in terms of public facilities it’s a status of real impoverishment. And that certainly would be the case with the loss of a facility like this. . . . The church was everything. Like so many of us growing up in the South, the church is your second home. I lived on Summer Avenue growing up, and that was home. I grew up there, I was in scouts there, I got married there, my first child baptized there. That was home to me.”

That’s long-time neighborhood resident Fred Morton, talking to Dane Forlines of The Heights CDC and StoryBoard 30 host Mark Fleischer about the beauty and importance of the Highland Heights United Methodist Church.*

*Listen to this special episode, recorded Thursday, August 13, and stay up to date on the status of the church with the links below.

Recent Updates on the Highland Heights United Methodist Church:

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