SB 30 Episode 54: The future, and presence, of cities, with urbanist Carol Coletta

“Livability has never been more important . . . at the very moment when city revenues are in decline and city leaders are challenged by managing through a pandemic and big shifts in the economy, I think you’re still going to have to look ahead and be bold and not be afraid of asserting changes amidst this chaos. There’s the tendency when you’re fearful, you hunker down, you cover up, you go to your comfort food . . . but the challenge and the opportunity, and I think very much the imperative, is that we think boldly about how to shift life for what is coming.”

That’s Carol Coletta, urban expert and President and CEO of the Memphis River Parks Partnership, talking to host Mark Fleischer about the near and distant futures of cities in a post-pandemic world. Join host and Ms. Coletta for this deep dive into city life and the life of places.

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