SB 30 Episode 52: Developments, new construction during the pandemic, with ArchInc’s Chooch Pickard

“The first obvious one that will be effected for quite some time is office space. Employers and employees are realizing a lot of work can be done from home – that was a bit of an eye-opener for me. When I realized how easy it was to work from home it was a bit scary – I think it’ll interesting to see how many businesses come back. I don’t think they’ll come back at a 100% working from the office.”

That’s architect Chooch Pickard of ArchInc., talking to host Mark Fleischer about the possible construction design and development changes that will likely happen as a result of the pandemic shutdown and the percentages of workers and their employers realizing the possible benefits of working from home.

From StoryBoard and WYPL, join us for this discussion about how the pandemic is effecting construction citywide.

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