SB 30 Episode 49: The gift of Memphis music, with Music Hub’s Jayne Ellen White

“. . . to the people who make a living playing music, it was shocking in a way that was different than for you and I. They were trying to figure out how to pay rent. If you wake up every day and you say ‘I’m a musician and I play live music every day,’ and then someone says ‘that actually doesn’t exist any more, that’s not even a thing’ . . . that does something not only to your paycheck, but also to your sense of identity.”

That’s Jayne Ellen White, Music Specialist for Memphis Tourism’s Music Hub, talking to host Mark Fleischer about how the pandemic shutdown had an immediate effect on the livelihoods and psyches of local musicians. Jayne also talks about her career promoting Memphis music and her experiences at Tourism, Stax Records, and Sun Studios. This is a listen that will appeal to both musicians and fans of Memphis music. Join us.

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