SB 30 Episode 40: The Future of the Mid-South Coliseum, with Marvin Stockwell and Chooch Pickard of the Coliseum Coalition

Is 2020 the year when we will see an indoor event in the Mid-South Coliseum?

The Coliseum has been empty since 2006, when “Memphis was at low civic ebb in enthusiasm,” as Marvin Stockwell said. The Fedex Forum and the Pyramid were open and in use, and the Mid-South Coliseum was seen as obsolete. However since 2015, various groups of passionate individuals, including StoryBoard 30 guests Marvin Stockwell and Chooch Pickard of the Coliseum Coalition, have been hard at work connecting community members, city officials, and other nonprofits, joining forces to bring the Coliseum back to life.

Join host Mark Fleischer as he sits down with Marvin and Chooch to discuss where the efforts to revitalize this historic structure are now, and what to expect in 2020.

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