SB 30 Episode 39: Helping Homeless Children Get Thru School, Gracefully, with Sheleah Harris

“We see homeless adults all the time. They are very visible. But when you think about children, they’re in the classroom all day. The numbers of homeless kids are staggering, up to 1300-1400 in Shelby County. It’s traumatic for these kids. As a teacher, you have to ‘teach’ to that level of trauma – forget math, forget reading, you have to teach to the trauma first.”

That’s Sheleah Harris, founder of Living Grace, the organization dedicated to assisting homeless children and families through the difficulties faced with being displaced while also trying to get through school. (If you know of any children or families that need help, please visit the Living Grace website here at LivingGraceMemphis.Org)

Join host Mark Fleischer as he talks to Ms. Harris about the challenges and various programs available in helping kids and families through these difficult circumstances.

Sheleah Harris (right), founder of Living Grace, with Candice Fondren, of Communities In Schools of Tennessee at Memphis

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