SB 30 Episode 38: Discussing Experiences of War & Combat with Veteran George Larrimore

“There are about 27,000 veterans in the Mid-South. And we’re reaching people finally, but truthfully, the hardest part is finding veterans who want to talk. Even after World War I, soldiers came home and didn’t talk about what they saw. Soldiers, marines, sailors… it’s something that happened to them and something that no one else can understand. But if someone can reach out to me, then I’ll call them on the phone.”

That’s Vietnam War veteran George Larrimore, talking to host Mark Fleischer about inviting veterans in to talk on his WYPL Ch. 18 show “Vietnam360.” Listen in to this special episode of StoryBoard 30 show from WYPL, and be sure that the veteran in your family listens in as well.

George Larrimore can be reached via at

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