SB 30 Episode 36: Comprehensive City Planning & Memphis 3.0 with John Zeanah

“What we found was that market forces tended to favor growth within the geographic center of the city, from downtown to the eastern edge of the city along the Poplar corridor… and it left out a lot of areas of the city that otherwise would not see much activity. This was dissatisfying for everyone, and though we’re excited about growth, we want it to extend to all areas of the city, including Frayser and Raleigh and Hickory Hill. Memphis 3.0 helps us to provide answers as to how to make this happen.”

That’s John Zeanah, Director of Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning & Development, talking about why all Memphians should care about the comprehensive city plan called Memphis 3.0. Listen in to this week’s show, from the FM 89.3 WYPL studios, as host Mark Fleischer talks with Mr. Zeanah about long-term city planning and how the Division of Planning & Development uses 3.0 guidelines to encourage more equitable developments in this time of unprecedented Memphis growth.

For more information on Memphis 3.0, visit their website at

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