SB 30 Episode 35: Talking Memphis Music, and Water (Protect Our Aquifer), with Bruce Newman

“Over the years, we’ve taken artists who may know each other, may have played with each other 20-30 years ago, and it’s sort of like this reunion. I remember being backstage last year when Dave Bromberg and Tom Chapin – at one point they were both in the New York music scene – and they were saying ‘ya remember when we played the Village Gate?’ Or to see Richie Havens hugging Odetta … just so many stories. We try to do it in the form of a song-swap; put them all up on stage together and they go round-Robin and do two songs each, and at the end of the show they usually do one big ‘Goodnight Irene’ thing or ‘This Land Is Your Land.’ It’s just great.”

That’s Bruce Newman, Memphis tax and entertainment lawyer extraordinaire, talking about 25 years of the annual benefit concerts known as Acoustic Sunday Live. For the second year in a row, this year’s concert will benefit Protect Our Aquifer, the nonprofit group started by Ward Archer dedicated to public oversight of our precious Memphis water.

Listen in to this week’s show, as host Mark Fleischer welcomes Bruce Newman into the WYPL studios.

(Feature image of the late John Kilzer at last year’s show, from Drew Hadfield’s YouTube post.) This year’s concert is Sunday, December 8 at 7PM at Cooper-Young’s First Congo Church. Tickets are $50 and $100. For tickets to Acoustic Sunday Live, click here at AcousticSundayLive.Eventive.Org.

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