SB 30 Episode 33: Telling Your Story On Stage. Talking Spillit Memphis with Josh Campbell

“We (originally) called it Memphis Spillit Center Stage, and we curated the stories. We had people invited to come up and tell their stories, and they had ten minutes to tell their story. Sometimes you have to have an audience to understand what ‘your’ story is – it’s not a monologue, it’s a dialog where only one person is speaking, and one has to relate. Everyone has a shared moment, but it’s really about connecting.”

That’s Josh Campbell, Executive Director of Spillit Memphis, the program where an individual gets on stage and tells their story to an audience of dozens. Host Mark Fleischer sat down with Josh and talked about the process of bringing these moving and sometimes emotional, or cathartic or funny, shared experiences to the stage, and about the final Spillit Grand Slam of the year, at Crosstown Arts Friday, November 15 at 7PM.

Spillit Grand Slam: We’re Coming Home! can be found here on FaceBook.

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