SB 30 Episode 32: The Art of Storytelling, with Author, Historian & Filmmaker Willy Bearden

“They say a person dies twice. The first when you leave this mortal plain, but the second time when the very last person who knew your story dies. What we try to do (as historians and storytellers) is to keep peoples’ stories alive. It’s up to us to pass them along. You know, not everybody is going to sit down and read a 400-page book, but give them a good story, pass it on, and then the story becomes theirs. And then they pass it along.”

That’s Willy Bearden, talking to host Mark Fleischer about the power of storytelling and our duty to keep the stories alive that remind us that we are human. “It’s our sacred trust,” he said. Join host and guest for this special conversation.

Willy Bearden, left, joins host Mark Fleischer for this special conversation.

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