SB 30 Episode 31: Exploring Indie Memphis (it starts Oct 30) with Executive Director Ryan Watt

“On a whim I helped some friends produce a movie, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that led to me co-founding a production company. We produced six feature films – and that’s what led to me seeking out Indie Memphis, volunteering, eventually joining the board, and I got hooked. This was my favorite event. . . I feel so lucky to be director, because this was literally my most favorite thing in Memphis.”

That’s Indie Memphis Executive Director Ryan Watt, talking his time about ten years ago when he first started getting involved with the festival that the Memphis Business Journal described as an annual blockbuster.

For this week’s StoryBoard 30, from FM 89.3 WYPL, join host Mark Fleischer as he talks with Ryan Watt about his history with this spectacular festival and previews this year’s Indie Memphis Film Festival, which starts October 30. Listen to the show below, and find your festival tickets at the Indie Memphis site here.

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