SB 30 Episode 30: Talking Midtown, Mary Burns’ Legacy, & One Year of StoryBoard with Scrumbles’ Eva Guggenheim

“She made me feel like I was the most special person in world. She was golden, with an ephemeral, unassuming charm. She was also direct and uncompromising. I recall complaining at the coffee stand about something trivial having to do with my appearance… and Mary immediately shot back with ‘Now you must say something nice about yourself.’ She insisted absolutely that I say at least one positive thing about myself. It’s as though she didn’t want anyone speaking ill of her new friend. She wanted the air of negativity immediately dispelled in her ‘space’ there at Java Cabana.”

That’s Scrumbles creator Eva Guggenheim, talking about Midtown’s Mary Burns, who passed away October 4. And on this week’s special show, host Mark Fleischer sat down with Eva and talked about the legacy of Mary Burns, who owned Cooper-Young’s Java Cabana. During the show, host and guest also discuss the uniqueness of Midtown, the P&H and Wanda Wilson, and about the origins of Eva’s Scrumbles word puzzles.

StoryBoard 30: Only from WYPL & FM 89.3. Sundays at 6pm.

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